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Monday November 10, 2008

Next update: FEBRUARY 3RD 2009
I'm building a buffer as we speak. I currently am up to 7 pages pencilled. The goal is a minimum of 24 so I can update for three months straight (if you haven't figured out the math from that it means two updates a week).
In the meantime I figure I will post my progression in the forum.

I'll probably be putting up any drawings and such in there as well, so check that out for any ADM goodness. Two last things; thank you to any of you that have still stuck with this comic. I'm hoping by taking this hiatus I will be able to make enough comics that I won't have to worry too much about falling behind. And a special shoutout to Splash in the tagboard; who whenever I see posts reminds me that there are still people who do like this comic and will get on my case to update. I owe ya a coke or something maaan!

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