Welcome to the About page, here I'll fill you in on Angry D. Monkey and myself.

The Comic

Angry D. Monkey wasn't something that I came up with overnight. The idea stuck around in my head for a couple months before I just had to put it onto paper. The original idea of this comic was nothing like what I plan to do with it right now. I don't want to say too much here because it would give away the story; so just believe me when I say the story changed for the better.

The Characters

Angry D. Monkey

Obviously with the comic being called Angry D. Monkey, Angry definitely was one of the first characters created. I remember he started off very different then what he is now. I was reading a Penny Arcade comic and I wanted to imitate their eyes. So I drew it and somehow the eyes ended up becoming part of a very angry gorilla. I left this sketch for a while then after a couple weeks I decided to try to draw it again but this time I ended up with what looks more like Angry but without the three strands of hair on the top of his head. The shorts seemed like an appropriate piece of clothing to add on just for the hell of it.

Tontaku Felipe Rodriguez D. Monkey

A nice little fact is Ton was not originally suppose to be in this comic at all. Ton started off as the sidekick to Fuzzy Fuzzington in another comic I did before this one called Fuzzy Fuzzington. Originally Angry D. Monkey was going to be just about Angry and nobody else, but I didn't like that idea too much. Ton seemed like the perfect opposite of Angry from how I developed his personality in Fuzzy Fuzzington. So Ton became a last minute addition to the cast. And now seems to be one of the more favourite characters.

Happy D. Monkey

Happy was the second last character I created. He was honestly someone I decided on adding just hours into drawing the first strip. He's just there to prove that not everyone in Angry's family is a gigantic jackass.


Aphrodite was decided on because I wanted to make sure I had a female main character no matter what. Who better then the goddess of love herself? She originally wasn't a blonde but more a brunette, but when I coloured it I didn't like it at all so she became a blonde.

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